• Preparing monthly statements on environmental taxes to the Environment Fund Administration, in accordance with the law, and submitting them to the AFM headquarters.
  • Identification of obligations to the Environmental Fund, assurance of support for the preparation of statements (packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, stationary sources, ferrous and non-ferrous wastes, oils etc.)
  • Reporting of packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, tires to the responsibility transfer organizations.
  • Identification of authorized economic operators to take responsibility for achieving recycling / recovery targets for packaging waste.
  • Reporting annually to the Environmental Protection Agency about waste management.
  • Reports on the monitoring of environmental factors (water, air, ground / subsoil, noise and vibrations).
  • Reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding used oils.
  • Reporting to the National Environmental Agency regarding batteries and accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment waste.
  • Reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency of the management plan for volatile organic compounds.
  • Reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency questionnaires on industrial emissions inventories.
  • Reporting to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding dangerous substances.
  • Reporting in the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL electronic application.
  • Reporting in the Integrated Environmental System - Electronic Platform
  • Person responsible for waste management - Certificate of Waste Management Specialist, code COR325713 according to Law 211/2011 (the lack is sanctioned with a fine of 15,000-30,000 RON).
  • Check the site to establish nonconformity regarding waste management
  • Own waste management file that includes the identification, classification and differential reporting of types of waste generated according to HG 856/2002 and Law 211/2011 (the lack of this file is sanctioned with a fine of 15.000-30.000 RON).
  • Guidance to compliance with H.G. No. 1061/2008 on the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (verification of transport documents).
  • Establishment and maintenance of a waste records filed for at least 3 years in accordance with the law.
  • Training staff to understand the importance of selective waste collection.
  • Tracking the traceability of generated waste.
  • Developing and maintaining monthly records on the management of waste generated in accordance with the provisions of the environmental permit.
  • Consulting for fulfilling the obligation of separate collection of waste and ensure their separate delivery contracts to authorized collectors – Law 211/2011 ( fine 20,000-40,000 RON)
  • Consulting for separate storing and delivering of waste oils to authorized service providers for recycling, according to GD no. 235/2007, regarding the management of used oils (fine 7,500-10,000RON).
  • Consulting to identify authorized service providers for waste collection by category and verifying the validity of their environmental permits.
  • Adoption of complete and advantageous solutions for recovery / disposal of generated waste..
  • Identification of NACE codes specific to the client in order to establish the need of environmental permits.
  • Identification of the authority with attributions in the issuance of the Environmental Authorization.
  • Preparing technical documentation needed to obtain environmental permits.
  • Registration of your company in the Integrated Environmental System on the ANPM site.
  • Representing your company in relations with Environmental Control Authorities.
  • Registration in the register of producers of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators according to Ord. 5/2015 and HG 1132/2008, preparation of dossier and submission of the file to the National Agency for Environmental Protection.
  • Preparing technical documentation and obtaining permits for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Preparing technical documentation for obtaining / reauthorization / revision of integrated environmental permits, observing the legislative requirements (BAT, Order 1158/2005 with subsequent amendments and completions).
  • Preparing technical documentation if the business owner is going to undergo or be subject to a sales procedure of the majority stake in shares, asset sales, mergers, divisions.
  • Preparing technical documentation and obtaining the wastewater takeover agreement, sanitary authorizations for the functioning of the drinking water source.
  • Developing plan for intervention in case of accidental pollution.
  • Environmental audit
  • Waste audit
  • Implementation and certification ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015, OHSAS 18001
  • Training of the personnel of the companies regarding the observance of the environmental legislation in force.
  • Trace and ensure compliance with the environmental legislation in force.
  • Identifying the impact of the beneficiary's activity in relation to the environmental legislation in force.
We need clear and strong legislation for environmental protection. Nature has given us some alarm signals and continues to do so, the duty of decision-makers is to find the best solutions in the policy of ensuring a healthy environment. The European area tends to be the main factor for the correction and modernization of the environmental legislation in force, both the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights adopting common positions in this process, and by the fact that EU accession to the ECHR would seem to be only a matter of time, we can speak of the existence of a European environmental law.