”“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous.”– Leonardo Da Vinci

Our company is an environmental consulting company that offers professional, optimal and fast solutions to the environmental issues of organizations. We offer our customers the ability to improve environmental performance, optimize processes and reduce environmental risks and impacts. We offer consulting services to a large number of clients such as industrial organizations, foreign investors developing businesses in Romania, international environmental companies looking for local partners, central and local public administrations, consulting firms and individuals concerned with professional development. Our company is made up of a team of engineers and environmental specialists and aims to provide modern, complete and sustainable environmental consulting services. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about environmental issues.

“Law is order, and good law is good order.” - Aristotel


    “Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents and they from their parents. It is in our hands whether our children and their children inherit the same world. We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment.” - Richard Branson